Yoga in Ebbio

About Us

The Ebbio property was purchased in a state of abandon in the late 80's. Since then, we continue to restore this ancient property. The combination of the peaceful countryside of Tuscany with Osho Meditation techniques have been the motivational inspirations of Nirdosh's dream. Nirdosh is the current owner of Ebbio, and continues light involvement in various activities on the farm. Yoginis travel from all over the world to experience yoga in this unique Tuscan landscape.

Franz and his staff manage the agritourism part of Ebbio and look after the comforts and needs of Ebbio's guests. Franz, Molly, Gabriele and Giulia are here to welcome and facilitate your retreat. We will help you discover this magical property hidden in an old extinct volcano and connect with the land, the animals and Tuscan traditions.

You are welcomed to discover Tuscany with our family. We look forward to meeting you. Ciao...Arrivederci..A .Presto! Nameste!

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