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Ebbio - Tuscany Accomodations
With a total of 11 rooms, Ebbio can accommodate up to 26 people in a wide variety of arrangements. View a list of the following example rooms.

Sufi Rumi Room
This room used to be the summer kitchen of the farmhouse. Facing south, they utilized the abundant amount of sun light to dry tomatoes, figs, walnuts and all sorts of products for the winter months. Today, this is the favorite room for honeymoon vacations.
Blue Flowers
Blue Flowers
If you decide to come back after your honeymoon vacation with kids, this is the ideal room for them. This room lies directly across from Sufi and shares a stylish bathroom.
Bathroom in Ebbio
Shared Bathroom
This bathroom is shared between the Sufi Rumi Room and the Blue Flowers Room. Views of the vineyard while you soak in the tub are inspiring.
Welcome to the Hi-Hia Ho room. Here you will not miss the morning Hi-Hia-Ho from our friendly mascots "The Donkeys" which are located across the valley. This room is Ideal for couples.

Sweet Song
This room can be used either for three people or for a couple. Simply let us know what set up you would prefer.

Sweet Song
This is an another example of how the Sweet Song can be arranged.

Mystic Rose
Those looking for a little frangrance in their nights will enjoy the Mystic Rose as a kick off for light dreams. This room is also ideal for an individual person.

No Mind
When entering this room, be sure you leave your mind at the door. The loft accompanying this room allows for moon light to soothe your night.

Private Suite
Located directly adjacent to the main farmhouse, this room is ideal for guests who are looking for a little seclusion with private facilities.


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